Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply for a foundation grant?

You may apply online (preferred) or get a paper application from the Grant Coordinator. Paper applications should be sent to the Foundation c/o EFCF P.O. Box 185 Riverton, NJ 08077 prior to the deadline of September 30th.

What is the deadline for applications?

All applications must be submitted no later than September 30th of each year. Completed applications should be submitted online. If this is not possible, applications should be returned to the Foundation c/o EFCF P.O. Box 185 Riverton, NJ 08077.

Do we need to submit our IRS exemption letter?

Yes. A copy of this letter must be submitted with your application.

Do you accept applications on-line?

Applyingonline is recommended. Clieck the 'Application' link above.

If we apply, when can we expect an answer?

Applications will be reviewed prior to the annual meeting on the 2nd Monday of November. Decisions will be made at that meeting and notification can be expected by December 31st. Checks may take 3 to 4 weeks to process.

Who do we contact for additional information or special inquiries?

You may contact the Foundation c/o EFCF P.O. Box 185 Riverton, NJ 08077.


American Red Cross                               $5000

BCCAP                                                   $3000

Bread of Life                                           $1000

BCIT Foundation                                    $1000

Providence House                                   $3000

CC Center -- Bridge of Hope                  $2000

CC Center -- Emergency Food               $2000

CC Center -- Code Blue                         $2000

Exhale Women's Fellowship                  $2000

Oaks -- Food Pantry                               $3000

Riverton Steamboat Landing                 $2000

Roebling Museum                                  $1000

Rowan RSVP                                         $2000

Samaritan Hospice                                 $2000

Servicios Latinos                                    $2000

Sisterhood -- Emergent                          $2000

Sisterhood -- Heart Housing                  $1000

Sisterhood -- Summer Ready                 $2000

Society St. Vincent -- Bordentown        $3000

The Tender                                             $3000

Westfield Friends School                       $2000

Who has received grants in the past?

2017 Foundation distributions:

  • American Red Cross of Camden and Burlington Counties Red Cross New Jersey Disaster Relief - Burlington - $5,000
  • BCCAP Family Child Care Education - $3,000
  • Bread of Life Food Pantry Bread of Life Food Pantry - $1,000
  • Burlington County Institute of Technology Education Foundation PRIDE program - $1,000
  • Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton - Providence House Domestic Violence Services Providence House Counseling Center - $3,000
  • Christian Caring Center /Bridge of Hope Bridge of Hope - $2,000
  • Christian Caring Center /Bridge of Hope Emergency Food Programs - $2,000
  • Christian Caring Center-Code Blue Code Blue Shelters - $2,000
  • Exhale Women's Fellowship The Unhomelessness Program - $2,000
  • Oaks Integrated Care Oaks Integrated Care - Support for Our Food Pantri - $3,000
  • Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation Riverton Steamboat Landing Foundation-Long-Term Ma - $2,000
  • Rowan College at Burlington County RSVP Program Burlington County Retired and Senior Volunteer Pro - $2,000
  • Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice Uncompensated Patient Care in 2017 - $2,000
  • Servicios Latinos de Burlington County SELBUC HOMELESS PREVENTION - $2,000
  • SisterHood, Inc. Emergent - $2,000
  • SisterHood, Inc. HeartHousing - $1,000
  • SisterHood, Inc. Summer Ready City - $2,000
  • Society St. Vincent dePaul - Bordentown Help Us Help Others - $3,000
  • The Roebling Musesum Roebling Museum Education and Outreach Programs - $1,000
  • The Tender CARES Support Group - $3,000
  • Westfield Friends School WFS Ongoing Expenses - $2,000

Total: $46,000

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